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RE:ZOUND Tours Asia

RE:ZOUND’s innovative approach on mission’s work takes the western rock sound beyond western walls. In recent trips to India, Asia and other parts of the world, RE:ZOUND attracted tens of thousands of young people who have never heard about Jesus. They are going to places where other US bands don’t go, reaching an audience of young people who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to hear the Gospel. It’s a fresh idea on ministry, with the musicians completely focused on reaching the lost and bringing an atmosphere of revival. Over multiple nights worship of God is introduced, and the Gospel is then presented as the presence of God falls.

“The music is the platform; it is a tool to open up hearts, but it is the message that changes lives,” explains lead vocalist, Jason Anderson, “If we can change the young people of a nation, we can change the nation. God has really called us specifically to reach young people in other nations.  So we’ve invented rock crusades where thousands of young people from other countries, who have never heard the message of Christ, come out to hear an American rock band. Most of the time they have never really seen a stage and production that big, but only heard about such rock events.”  RE:ZOUND rock crusades have already sparked change in India where, on their most recent trip, over 100,000 people attended and 15,000 young people received Christ.

“Spreading the Gospel is expensive,” says Anderson. “The places we tend to go, the people don’t have money to buy cd’s or t-shirts or pay for tickets, so we have to help the record company and local church raise the money to send us.” RE:ZOUND is joining with several publishers to help provide enough Bibles for those who receive Christ, but they also want to present an opportunity for you to be a part of helping God’s word change someone’s life.

Returning to Asia this March, visiting Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, (where they are expecting to have over 60,000 in attendance), 98% of the crowd have probably never even heard about Jesus.  The event is part performance, but mostly worship.

If you would like to help RE:ZOUND make a difference or learn more about their rock crusades, please visit For contributors who donate $35 or more, RE:ZOUND will send you an autographed copy of their newest album, 35 Weeks. This album is scheduled to be released in the Spring of ‘07.

“You can make an intimate connection with God without music, but music is a powerful tool.”

RE:ZOUND is currently signed with Vertical Shift Records.

Bethany Ruck