EVERYDAY WITH YOU is a concept album that focuses on the journey of life and love in marriage. Each year, new information regarding marriage; and divorce rates, is printed in our newspapers, magazines and spread across TV and the internet. Just as billions of dollars each year are spent in the wedding market, the dollars spent on separation and divorce also continue to climb.

Christopher Ames has cleverly crafted a cohesive collection of pop/rock songs that takes the listener from courtship, to marriage, to starting a family....through hard times that (for some) may become the breaking point of the the point of finding hope in working through troubled times in an effort to celebrate a long and fulfilling life together. Through examination of marriage and spiritual involvement, Christopher Ames hopes to convey his own personal Christian commitment to marriage and family in his selected words and music. In addition to his own songs, Christopher Ames also has several co-writes with some industry notables including Bob Halligan Jr. of Ceili Rain, and Whiplash Recording artist, Jill Parr. There is also a new arrangement of a popular wedding song written by John Denver.

EVERYDAY WITH YOU is sure to win the hearts of audiences from young adults just starting their marriage journey to those celebration marriage milestones. The feedback from those associated with Marriage Restoration Ministries is already building postitive momentum, and several licensing partnerships are currently being explored. The CD is available to retail through distribution with ALBIE Entertainment, Remnant Music Group; or direct to consumer through CDBaby.

Christopher Ames has been a Remnant Music Group artist since 1991 and EVERYDAY WITH YOU is his 5th studio recording. He has received 4 KCCM Awards (Kansas City Christian Music Awards) for Acoustic Artist of the Year (2005, 2008). Artist of the Year and Songwriter of the Year (2006). In 2007 he received the Momentum Award presented in Nashville for Instrumental Artist of the Year following the release of his instrumental CD, Take It In. In 2006, he also received the Spirit of Unity Award presented at the Momentum Awards to an artist recognized for their commitment to community and fellowship. Christopher Ames also has an endorsement partnership with Breedlove Guitars.

In addition to his music ministry, Christpher Ames is an advocate for Eating Disorder Awaremess. Christopher has a personal testimony with this subject as his own wife has been struggling with and eating disorder for many years. Christopher offers a different perpective on this issue. His thoughts come from the perspective of husband and father and how he has had to deal with this disease in his own family. Many men may choose the path of abandonment, but Christopher shows how commitment can help lead to healing. Christoper Ames is available for speaking engagements in which he shares his personal testimony regarding this issue with both words and music-especially at events sponsored by Celebrate Recovery, Marriage and Family Ministries and Youth Camps.

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I recommend this cd highly as a picture of a musical journey of love, marriage and life through Jesus Christ who holds everything together.

As the world looks for answers to find life's meaning this cd project demonstrates our meaning for purpose, love and hope in a lovingly and prayerful illustrations of songs and stories that only CHRISTOPHER AMES can accomplish.